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Prosthetic and orthotic department (P&O).

Prosthetic and orthotic department (P&O).

The prosthetics section is concerned with compensating the missing limbs of the body as a result of accidents or diseases that lead to the loss of these limbs and supporting medical devices are devices that control, guide, and reduce movement, to help the beneficiary move more and live better

P&O Department at Al-Hussein Society provids prosthesis for amputees du to deferent causes to all levels of lower and upper limbs loss using clinically appropriate technology and components .

Orthosis, bracing and support solutions designed to help beneficiaries move more and live better.

AHS providing service since 1987, to the students at al-Hussein Society, as well as beneficiaries from outside AHS. P&O department is complete center that include weekly rehabilitation clinic to asses and follow up with beneficiaries


We work together to deliver the best possible orthotic and prosthetic outcomes. We provide individualized  and customized solutions to help beneficiaries regain his strength, power, and spirit.


Fully Equipped Workshop.




Children, adult amputees, beneficiaries with disability who need our service.

P&O Staff:

- 4 Certified Prosthesis and Orthosis (CPO). Two Males & two Females

- All staff well trained to provide the best services to beneficiaries by using up-to-date technology.


Applied Policies:

- WHO standards for prosthetics and orthotics

- International policy and protocols for ISPO (International Society for Prosthetic and Orthotic).

- Local regulations and protocols for Ministry of Health- Jordan.

- AHS protocols and standard