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Mobility Aids and modification workshop

Mobility Aids and modification workshop

Mobility aids are devices designed to help people who have problems moving around enjoy greater freedom and independence.

We are providing services since on 1987 for mobility aids and its modifications for children and adults with disabilities in Jordan.


-       Services:    

  1.          Assessment:  to help and make the right choice for each beneficiary.
  2.           Mobility Aids service:  modification, adaptation and maintenance.
  3.           Environmental adaptation- we help to achieve independence for beneficiary with his environment by modifying and designing all needed to facilities community care and domestic environments.


Children, adult, beneficiaries with disability, institutions that need our service.


   - We have experienced multy displinary team to evaluate cases.

   - trained technicians to do all required services.

  -  Credited staff from (WHO) to give (Basic, Intermediate- Advance and Technical )mobility aids adaption and modification trainings


Applied Policies:       

  • International policy and protocols for WHO.
  • Environmental adaptation according to international standards and protocols and according to beneficiary needs.
  • AHS protocols and regulations