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Mobile Clinic

Mobile Clinic

Al-Hussein Society a provides services to under-resourced and outlying distant areas of Jordan (Palestinian refugees’ camps, rural and distant regions), via CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) Outreach Team, which is a specialized, multidisciplinary team, partnered with other NGOs in those areas, offering Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Social Counseling services. This team also works with volunteers, training them to offer individualized follow up treatment between the therapists’ visits.

Another Service the Society provides is the Mobile Clinic that serves many outlying and distant areas of the country, where it assesses, educates, and dispenses medical aids (Crutches, Wheelchairs, Medical braces, etc…) to those in need.

AHS become a resource center for wheelchair provision and adaptation according to WHO standards (8 trainees from AHS attended WSTP Basic level training conducted by Mobility India, and passed WSTP Basic level online exam. 4 trainees have attended WSTP Intermediate level & TOT, and passed WSTP Intermediate level).

Al Hussein Society adopts universal standards when providing mobility aids for persons with disabilities and making adaptation according to the nature of the disability and the person needs. In addition, it is taken into account a presence of distortions in the mobility aids beneficiary that he/she needs to make adaptations to the mobility aids that have been prescribed to him/her.

Later, in the presence of the team, the adaptations will be discussed within the AHS environmental adaptation workshop, which includes all the tools, and raw materials that are used in making the adaptations. The technicians carry out such adaptations as described in the model and under the supervision of the specialists (the physical therapist and the occupational therapist).

Objectives of the Mobile Clinic:

-        Evaluate the needs of the target population in the area regarding Assistive Tools, mobility devices, medical braces and/or any other required adjustment.

-        Raise health awareness and community education about the rights of persons with disabilities.

-        Evaluate cases and recommend treatment programs according to the case.

-        Provide adapted mobility aids (Wheelchairs, Special Wooden Wheelchairs for Cerebral Palsy, Standing Frames, Crutches, etc…).

-        Provide medical braces (Orthosis and Prosthesis) to assessed persons according to their needs

-        Provide Maintenance of previously used rehabilitation equipment.

-        Offer counseling and referral services to the concerned establishments as needed.

Target Population:

Persons with disabilities located in this area that needs rehabilitation services (Braces, Splints, etc…)

Target Area:

Under-privileged areas